SantaCon - Portland, Maine

Next Date: Dec 3, 2022

We're ON!

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SantaCon Portland occurs on the first Saturday of December.

All of our updates hit our facebook page first.

The bar-scape has changed quite a bit in the last couple years, so we're very open to hearing from new venues and setting up new stops. If you have a new favorite place in the Old Port, put us in touch.

QR code for the Facebook event


If you're looking for info about SantaCon Portland, check the following links:

We use the hashtag #SantaconPWM across all social media. #Santacon gets used all over, so adding our airport code makes it unique to both. Santas are on all the networks.

If you're not sure what you're getting into, you can go back and look at the 2019 event listing.

The Route!

Hang tight for a little longer. We're seeing if we can fill out a couple more places on the map!

We're aiming for the photo at the tree around 7:00. You really should be there for that!

Partipating Locations

View the map full screen here. Note: more things (yes and no) may get added to it.

If you're not on the map, contact Santa@ this domain. If you don't want santas, send us a note too, and we'll add you to the 'unavailable' list.

What do I need to know?

  • Costumes are required. Just a santa hat is not enough. The silliness is the point. A full Santa suit is the best costume, but we're open to others if they're creative. (Other santacons are santa-suits-only. We're not.) We've seen lots of reindeer, Christmas trees, leg lamps, a few snowmen, and even a Hanukkah Harry.
  • You don't have to come for the whole thing, but it is fun to. It's really worth trying to be there for the group photo.
  • There are no tickets. You can just show up (in costume). We'd appreciate if you marked yourself as attending on the facebook event, so we can estimate numbers. But if someone tries to sell you a ticket, they're not one of us.
  • For the most part, the group sticks together. Listen for "Santas on the move!" as notice to head to the next place.
  • Adults only. This is a bar crawl. It's 21+, no exceptions. If you're reading this now, go get your wallet, and check that your ID hasn't expired. Anticipate beign carded at every stop.
  • Pace yourself. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Add in some extra glasses of water. Make sure to stop somewhere for food.
  • Cash is your friend. Gets you in and out from the bar faster.
  • Santa tips well.
  • Don't be a Krampus. Everyone's out to have a good time. If you're a bad drunk, Santa reserves the right to kick you out of the club.
  • Look for "Santas Welcome" or "No Santas" signs - if a venue doesn't want Santas, that's okay, we have lots of other options.
  • Remember why we do this - Because it's fun. The holidays are a very stressful time, and they're very focused on kids and family. While that's fine and all, Santacon gives the adults a chance to do something fun and silly. So, come have a drink (or three) with us, make some friends, have a good time.
  • Take two asprin and drink two large glasses of water before you go to bed.
  • Questions? Send them through Facebook, Twitter, or email Santa.

Venue Info

If your venue is interested in being a stop, give us a shout. FB's probably the fastest response. But you can email Santa too.

Our venue list and route gets sorted out in November, but feel free to contact at us any time about particating.

Letting us know your limits/capacity will be helpful. In the past, we've had 500+ santas all out at once. Therefore, we try to have multiple venues for each stop.

Even if you're not on the official route, you can hang a "Santas Welcome" sign, even on the day of. Attach some food or drink specials, and we'll definitely share it. There's always overflow, and Santas looking to try somewhere new.

We can limit (to a degree) the hours that Santas are heading to you. If you want them earlier evening or late night, we can accomdate.

If you don't want Santas, you may want to hang a "No Santas" sign. We'll respect any such requests.

A lot has changed during COVID times. We're still figuring it out. Let us know if you have protocols or feelings.

New: We don't do drink tickets. Santa will pay for drinks with regular American currency.

Media Requests

  • Media Requests - for interviews, photos, etc - can be directed to Sam Cousins, our media representative & photographer. Email sam@ this domain. Requests can also be made via Facebook or Twitter.
  • If you have an article or photos to share, send them along, and we'll share them to the group.


Over the past few years, we've collections donations for Through These Doors. They provide assistance, counselling, and services for victims from domestic violence, as well as doing education and advocacy. We should remember to count ourselves lucky to be able to do something as ridiculous as Santacon. Everyone should be able to enjoy the 'magic' of the holidays. So, maybe we can help others be a little bit safer and merrier while we're having our fun.